Survival Uses for Chapstick [20 Best Uses You Didn’t Know]

Do you know the many creative ways you can use chapstick beyond just moisturizing your lips? Discover 20 genius survival uses for chapstick!

Chapsticks have developed over time to include tastes, scents, and other components. There are actually a lot of different purposes for chapsticks outside, just hydrating and protecting the lips.

This article will explore 20 survival uses for chapsticks.

1. Firestarter

Did you know that in a pinch, chapstick may be used to start a fire?

Apply chapstick to the end of a dry stick, a piece of paper, or a cotton ball before lighting it with a match or other ignition device. The kindling will catch fire thanks to the chapstick’s rapid burn rate. Then, after that, you’ll just need to add some tinder to grow the fire.

2. Waterproofing


Chapstick can keep you dry if you are caught in the rain without the right rain gear. Just dab a tiny bit of chapstick on your hands, neck, and any other exposed flesh.

Your skin will be shielded from water by a barrier that the chapstick will help establish.

3. Lubricant 

You might have to make do with the tools and supplies you have on hand in a survival emergency. Chapstick can work as a lubricant to help loosen up mechanical issues, such as a stuck zipper.

Apply a small bit of chapstick directly to the trouble spot, then rub it in a circular motion until the problem disappears.

4. Suture 

You might not have access to conventional medical supplies, like stitches, in the event of a wound.

However, in a pinch, chapstick can serve as a substitute for sutures. Simply dab some chapstick on the wound, and then tie it up with some string or another thin material.

The chapstick will help to seal the wound and keep it closed until proper medical attention can be obtained. Duct tape can also temporarily seal a wound.

5. Lip balm 

lip balm

This one may seem obvious that it can be used as a lip balm tube, but chapstick is an excellent way to protect and moisturize your lips in harsh environments. 

Chapstick can keep your lips hydrated and healthy whether you’re dealing with dry, windy conditions or chilly, dry air.

6. Sunscreen 

Chapstick can offer some limited protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but it is not a proper sunscreen alternative. Simply cover any exposed skin with a little layer of chapstick to help block some of the sun’s rays and prevent sunburn.

7. Insect repellent 

Insect-repelling components like citronella and peppermint oil are found in some types of chapstick. If you need a quick and simple solution to keep bugs away while you’re in the woods

8. Soothing agent

Chapstick can be used to soothe minor burns, scratches, and cuts as well as to aid in the healing process. Chapstick can be used sparingly to the wound to assist minimize swelling and irritation.

9. Shoe polish

Chapstick might help you get the job done if you need to shine your shoes quickly. Just apply a little amount of chapstick to the leather surface and use a soft cloth to buff it to a shine.

10. Rust preventer

Chapstick can aid in rust prevention if you have a metal item or piece of equipment that is vulnerable to rust. Applying a small amount of chapstick will help to create a barrier that will keep moisture out and stop rust from developing on the metal surface.

11. Glue 

In a survival situation, you may not have access to traditional adhesives such as glue. However, chapstick can act as makeshift glue in a pinch. 

Simply press the surfaces together after applying a small amount of chapstick to them. They will be held in place by the chapstick until a longer-term solution is discovered.

12. Conditioner 

Chapstick can help condition your hair if you find yourself in a survival situation without access to your normal hair care supplies. Your hair will absorb the chapstick more evenly if you rub a small bit of it into it before combing it.

Your hair will seem and feel healthy as a result of the chapstick’s assistance in adding hydration and shine.

13. Ear wax removal

Chapstick can aid in softening ear wax buildup and aid in its removal if you have an ear wax buildup and are without access to ear drops or other conventional treatments.

Simply dab a little chapstick on a cotton swab, and then gently rub the cotton swab around the interior of your ear.

14. Chapped nose

If you’re dealing with a cold or allergies, you may find that your nose becomes chapped and sore. 

The soothing and moisturizing effects of chapstick might bring about much-needed alleviation. A modest amount of chapstick applied to the afflicted area will aid in skin restoration and protection.

15. Dry cuticles

dry cuticles

Chapstick can aid in moisturizing and softening the skin, which might help if you have dry, brittle cuticles. Your cuticles should be covered in chapstick, which you should massage into the skin to help it absorb.

The chapstick will assist in replenishing moisture and enhancing the general condition of your cuticles. Vaseline is also amazing at moisturizing.

16. Baby diaper rash

If you’re caring for a young child in a survival situation and don’t have access to traditional diaper rash creams, chapstick can help to soothe and protect the skin. 

Simply apply a small amount of chapstick to the affected area, and it will create a barrier that will help to keep moisture out and prevent further irritation.

17. Frizz tamer

If you’re dealing with unruly, frizzy hair and don’t have access to your usual hair care products, chapstick can help to tame flyaways and smooth out your locks. 

Rub a small chapstick between your hands and apply it to your hair. The chapstick will help to smooth down frizz and leave your hair looking and feeling more manageable.

18. Scented candle

If you’re in a survival situation and need a quick and easy way to create a pleasant scent, chapstick can help. 

Simply melt a small amount of chapstick in a container over a heat source, and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The chapstick will burn slowly, releasing the scent into the air and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

19. Shaving cream 

Chapstick can serve as a temporary substitute for shaving cream if you’re out or don’t have access to it.

Simply dab a little chapstick onto the area you want to shave, and proceed to shave normally. Your skin will feel smooth and silky after being moisturized and protected by the chapstick.

20. Marker 

In a survival situation, you may need to communicate or leave a message for others. If you don’t have access to a pen or marker, chapstick can act as a makeshift alternative. 

Simply apply a small amount of chapstick to a surface, and it will leave a visible mark that can be easily seen and understood.

Final Words

Chapsticks are a versatile product that can be used for much more than just lip protection and moisturizing. Hopefully it’s in your survival kit!

From drawing on paper to making a wax seal, chapsticks offer an array of uses for everyday life. With these 20 unique and unexpected uses for chapsticks, you’ll never be short of ideas for using this handy product.

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