Zombie Apocalypse Guns [The Best Choices for 2023]

zombie apocalypse guns

If you know me, you know I enjoy Zombie culture.  Not because I think it’s a cool reason to get guns and not because I believe that a Zombie apocalypse of the Hollywood variety will ever happen.   I love Zombies because of the prepper in me, the survivalist, the thinker and the excitement (that doesn’t … Read more

Inexpensive Survival Rifle

AR-7 rifle Inexpensive Survival Rifle

Many call the Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 the ultimate survival companion, and few can disagree. It says something about the design being more than a novelty if three major manufacturers have made a version and owned the patent on this rifle and it is still around having been introduced in 1959. It’s not perfect (see … Read more

Home Defense Shotguns – What’s Myth and What’s Reality?

Home defense shotgun

So many different myths and ridiculous notions exist about the shotgun as a personal or home defense weapon. This article is about why a home defense shotgun deserves a second look by many.  For every single one of those unbelievable claims by forum “experts”, or guys who have managed to convince someone they know what … Read more