EDC For Women [Top Must Carry Gears for 2023]

EDC For Women Top Must Carry Gears

This text will provide you with the highest EDC for ladies. These EDC gears are the objects it is best to all the time carry and will by no means go away your private home with out them. Whether or not male or feminine, prepper or non-prepper, everybody ought to have an everyday carry (EDC) … Read more

8 EDC Pouch Essentials [The Definitive Guide]

Top 8 Most Important EDC Pouch Contents

This text will checklist the highest eight most essential EDC pouch contents which you can guarantee you’ve and embrace what made them important and the way they may profit you in your subsequent journey. An EDC bag is a unbelievable technique to carry varied priceless objects. If positioned in a pouch, you possibly can toss … Read more

Leatherman vs Gerber Mutli-Tools [Which is Truly The Best?]

Leatherman vs Gerber: Best Multi-Tool Makers' Match

This article will give you comprehensive and comparative details between the two best multi-makers, Leatherman and Gerber. We will include feature specifications and determine which is better than the other. Manufacturers come in a wide variety in the multi-tool field, but two stand out above the rest: Gerber gear and Leatherman gear. Leatherman pioneered the … Read more

10 Best Assisted Opening Knives [Best Guide for 2023]

10 Best Assisted Opening Knives 2022

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10 Best Budget Survival Knife [Definitive Guide for 2023]

10 Best Budget Survival Knife This 2022

This article will include a list of the top 10 best budget survival knives you can get your hands on this 2022. We will also go over the features these survival knives have while still keeping within a budget-friendly price range. As the name implies, a survival knife is one of the essential tools you’ll … Read more

8 Best Bowie Knives [& Why They’re Amazing!]

10 Most Outstanding Bowie Knives This 2022 (1)

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How to Sharpen a Swiss Army Knife? [Best Guide for 2023]

knife sharpening using a metal sandpaper like surface

This article will give you your much-needed guide on how to sharpen a Swiss Army Knife. It will also include when you should do it and what tools you can use. A dull blade is even more hazardous than a sharp one due to the greater chance of slippage. Therefore, sharpening knives is necessary while … Read more

What is a Tactical Pen? [Plus The Best Tactical Pen for You]

tactical pen used in writing

This article will convince you to get a tactical pen for your safety and defense, but first, it’ll help you understand what it is and what it does. Tactical pens can seem intriguing, and they are, in fact, rather practical. While you might not consider the pen an excellent weapon or even a valuable weapon, … Read more

5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

This article will gear you up to find the proper survival multi-tool for you that is versatile, durable, and dependable, especially in the most unconventional circumstances. It’s better to be prepared than sorry; that’s my version of “Better safe than sorry,” a saying from an Irish Novelist named Samuel Lover from his book, Rory O’More.  … Read more

5 Best Folding Saws for Bushcraft [Ultimate Guide]

5 of the Finest Folding Saws You Can Buy Right Now scaled e1643821215995

This article will walk you through all five best folding saws in the market available for you to purchase. When you are always on the move, and all for the adventures the outdoors has to offer, then having a saw for clearing up some bush in the forest, cutting tree branches to stabilize your tent, … Read more