5 Best Survival Shovels [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

Top 5 Best Survival Shovels for 2022

This article will go over the five different survival shovel variations, rank the top five, and learn how useful it is for survival. When people say shovel, the first thing that comes into my mind is that hand tool with a broad pointed arrow-like plate at the end used by construction workers to mix concrete. … Read more

19 Different Types Of Axes for Survival [The Ultimate Guide]

types of axes scaled e1641662356527

Are you looking for the best axe to help with your survival needs? Look no further! In this article, we’ll discuss 19 different types of axes that can be used in any situation and why each one is essential for your next adventure. This article will explain what types there are and their own unique … Read more

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense (Ultimate Guide)

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense (Ultimate Guide)

In this article, you will learn how to use a knife for self defense. We live in a dangerous world where you could be called upon to protect yourself against a dangerous attacker with knife defense. Knives are convenient to carry and have several applications, so you should always have one on hand. They are … Read more

How to Choose a Survival Knife [What You Must Know]

Good knife according to a wilderness survival expert and top knife with Rambo Knife

In this article, I will be going over how to choose a survival knife, and what factors to consider when purchasing a survival knife. Despite advances in medicine, technology, transport, and communication, millions of people around the world face catastrophes and their heinous repercussions every year.  Furthermore, thousands of people are thrown into sudden and … Read more

Spearfishing For Beginners (The Ultimate Guide)

spearfishing for beginners man spearfishing in blue waters

In this spearfishing for beginners ultimate guide, I will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to be a successful spearo. Imagine a man who had to hunt to feed his family in ancient times. He faced the unknown, only described by myths and legends. Guess what? You can achieve the same exact thrill today with … Read more

Estwing Tomahawk Review (Is it Worth it?)

Estwing Tomahawk review

In this article, I will do a step-by-step Estwing Tomahawk review, covering every nook and cranny. When it comes to axes, having a lightweight, strong, durable, and high-quality axe is essential. So, in this Estwing Tomahawk review, I will cover what I think about its weight, strength, and quality. I have many pros and a … Read more