How to Get Your Ham Radio License [Ultimate Guide]

How to Get Your Hand Radio License Fast

In this guide, I will show you how to get your ham radio license fast and easily. An instance like this shows us how fragile these systems are in a world where communication and information can be accessed instantly. Backup systems are important to preppers, but we often miss this one. How will you acquire … Read more

13 Basic First Aid Skills That Everyone Should Know

13 First Aid Skills That May Save Your Life

In this article, you will learn 13 basic first aid skills that everyone should know. You never know when an emergency will occur, and you may be called upon to provide emergency care to somebody who requires it. It’s critical to be prepared, especially if you’re a parent or responsible for the health and safety … Read more

Tools for Bushcraft: Essentials for Shelter Building

Tools for Bushcraft Essentials for Shelter Building

In this article, I will cover essential tools for bushcraft. There are many tools out there for bushcraft, but there are really only a couple of things you absolutely need to have. When people discuss tools, we always hear about how knives or axes are kings, but often not discussed is the mindset and mental … Read more

9 Best Survival Tools That Could Save Your Life

9 Best Survival Tools That Could Save Your Life

In this article, you will learn the 9 best survival tools that could save your life. It’s always a good idea to introduce along with some basic survival tools into your survival kit. You never know when you would have an unexpected stay in the wilderness. The only way to increase your chances of surviving … Read more

31 Hurricane Survival Tips [Best Checklist for 2023]

How to survive a hurricane survival bushcraft tips prepper prepared

In this article, I will be going over the absolute best hurricane survival tips you need to be learning right now. Hurricanes are hazardous and can cause significant damage due to storm surge, wind damage, rip currents, and flooding. They can occur anywhere along the United States’ coasts or in any territory in the Atlantic … Read more

How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse in 8 Steps

How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse in 8 Steps

The world is an ever-changing place, and with that comes the possibility of economic collapse. So, you might wonder, how to prepare for an economic collapse.  Although it can be challenging, it’s important to have some kind of plan in case you find yourself affected by one. There are several steps you can take now … Read more

How To Make Seawater Drinkable On a Desert Island


If you ever find yourself stranded on a desert island, the ability to make seawater drinkable could be your saving grace.  This article will explore how to make seawater drinkable on a desert island. Turning seawater into fresh drinking water using simple items could potentially save your life. To make seawater drinkable on a desert … Read more

How To Make A Cheap Bug Out Bag for Perfect Balance

how to build a bugout bag

In this step-by-step guide, I will go through how to make a cheap bug out bag. For anyone new wanting to be a survivalist, creating a bug out of a bag might seem like a major challenge. Everyone you’ve read about has been tweaking theirs for months or even years, and they’ve built up a … Read more

How to Make a Cheap Faraday Cage to Prepare For An EMP

how to make a faraday cage to survive an emp

This guide will show you exactly how to make a cheap Faraday cage to survive an EMP and do much more. When we think about prepping, we generally think of the imagined scenes that are shown in films. Consider a huge disaster, a military attack, or even a zombie apocalypse.  However, I’m assuming you don’t … Read more

How to Become the Gray Man (The Ultimate Guide)

how to become the gray man

Are you tired of standing out in the crowd and being a potential victim? Want to learn how to become the gray man and go unnoticed in any situation? Keep reading to discover the techniques and mindset of the elusive gray man and how you can implement them in your own life. In every populated … Read more