Can You Refrigerate Pancake Batter? [The Complete Guide]

can you refrigerate pancake batter

Pancakes are a delicious treat for the morning or whenever you’d like them! There are many recipes to make pancake batter that is all fantastic. So, now you might wonder, how do I store this pancake batter? Can you refrigerate pancake batter? Yes, you can refrigerate pancake batter for 2-4 days. Sealing your batter in the … Read more

9 Signs of Canned Food Going Bad [Your Complete Guide]

how to tell if your canned food is expired

Imagine this: You just found a can of beans on your kitchen table. You shake it and hear the contents slosh around inside, and nothing appears to be leaking out.  Of course, you’re happy because you saved a fortune by grabbing this canned food from the discount bin at your local grocery store before it … Read more

How to Make Hardtack (Hard Tack Recipe Variations)

how to make hardtack a prepper cracker

Many newbie trekkers and campers make the mistake of packing everyday snacks with them instead of nutritious and healthy foods.  They are unaware of their choices and often complain about not having enough nutritious, healthy, and caloric-dense options.  I have a solution for them that is free of preservatives and easy to make – hardtack.  … Read more

How to Prevent Food Spoilage Easily [10 Best Ways]

10 Ways to Prevent Food Spoilage Easily

Are you tired of throwing away spoiled food and wasting money? Learn how to prevent food spoilage and save money on your grocery bill. With a few simple techniques and the right storage methods, you can keep your food fresher for longer and reduce your food waste. Food deterioration is the process by which food … Read more

10 Delicious Campfire Treats [Best Sweet Outdoor Meals]

campfire meals to eat in the winter for survival prepping

The weather might be turning colder, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away your camping gear. Even during winter, camping is still one of the most fun and rewarding outdoors activity there is.  But before you head out on your next adventure, make sure you’ve got your meal plans ready. Good thing there … Read more

5 Best Survival Bars for 2023 [Healthiest Bars Out There]

Top 5 Best Survival Bars for 2022

This article will list the top 5 best tasting and nutritious survival bars with a long shelf life so you can bring them with you on the road, hike, and for an emergency. Ordinary residents may be paying greater attention to the “survival food” category, formerly dominated by outdoor enthusiasts and those serving our nation, … Read more