Perfect Turkey in 45 minutes – It’s real and it’s fantastic!

Spatchcocked and dry brined turkey before being carved crispy a nd beautiful

Turkey in 45 minutes of cooking time – juicy and delicious – using this unique preparation On this website, we tend to be a bit more spartan about food preps, and sustenance in general. But part of the benefits of prepping is having some extra ability to live comfortably, and enjoy the things that are … Read more

6 Useful Gadgets for Fishing You Need to Know

6 Useful Gadgets for Fishing You Need to Know

Heading onto the water for a fishing trip is one of the best ways to relax. But while it might be fun to bob along with the waves, the aim of the trip is still to catch a fish.  The good news is that there are plenty of innovative gadgets that can make catching a … Read more

8 Best Survival Stoves You Can Get Your Hands on Today

8 Best Survival Stoves You Can Get Your Hands on Today

This article will go over eight of the best survival stoves that are practical for off-grid living or for handy for hiking and camping in the mountains. In an apocalyptic world, it won’t probably be a good idea to lock yourself up in a house and stay there for the rest of your days. Instead, … Read more

7 Best Off-Grid Refrigerators [The Ultimate Guide]

7 Best Off Grid Refrigerators You Can Use

This post will teach you about some tremendous off-grid refrigerators available for living in the great outdoors. If you’ve decided to live off-grid, you’ll need to discover the best off-grid refrigerator to keep your food fresh! Modern appliance conveniences can still be enjoyed, such as a refrigerator or a chest freezer, while living off the … Read more

13 Herbs You Should Stockpile [Best Herbs & Spices]

17 Herbs You Should Have Stockpiled Right Now 1

Here is a complete list of herbs you should stock up on. From basil, to thyme, to sage—this list has it all. Whether you’re looking for a new spice to try out or just want more information about herbs and how they can benefit you and your health, this is the post for you. Here … Read more

How to Turn your Chickens into an Income Stream [Simple Steps]

how you can make money from your chickens today

In this article, you will learn how to easily turn your chickens into an income stream. You’ve probably heard a lot about people making money from their chickens lately. That’s because the idea has been gaining momentum for some time now, catching on in cities across the country. Before you dismiss it as just another … Read more

Best Barter Items You Should Start Hoarding Right Now

Best Barter Items You Should Start Hoarding Right Now

In this article, I will go over the absolute best barter items you should be hoarding right now in case of an SHTF. Money loses its value in a real disaster situation (because the most important items it can theoretically buy become so valuable), so bartering is far more useful. Nonetheless, there are some easily … Read more

How to Make Jerky [The Fastest Ways in 2023]

Peppered Beef Jerky Recipe slab of beef batches of her famous jerky enormous fan of homemade beef classic jerky flavor best way best homemade beef

In this article, I will explain exactly how to make your own beef jerky and the benefits of doing so. Beef jerky is rich in protein and many vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and folate. It also has a long shelf life and is compact, making it an excellent choice … Read more

Beekeeping For Beginners (The 2023 Guide)

beekeeping for beginners

In this article, I will explain the basics of beekeeping for beginners. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Honeybees and native bees are important pollinators, responsible for the effective seeding of more than 90% of all flowering plants and the fruiting of 30% of our food.  When foraging, bees become coated in pollen, which … Read more

Food Storage For Beginners (Simple Guide)

ward member stores' weekly ads large quantities of any particular item regular-size cans basics of emergency food storage

In this guide, I will be going over how to store your food and what foods you should be buying on your next trip to the grocery store. A tornado or a natural disaster has just hit your hometown and the food supply is now gone. Your neighbors panic while you are able to stay … Read more