FAQ: Optimizing food storage needs for Preppers

optimizing food storage - single FAQ

To see a comprehensive article about the Best Prepper Food please CLICK The idea that there is a single “Best Prepper Food” is a somewhat myopic view of preparation and food storage generally. There are plenty of foods that could compete for such a title.  Here are some quick concepts about how to pick the … Read more

FAQ: Food Rotation Long Term Food Storage

FAQ about food storage rotation

CLICK to read an article on best food to have in your food storage for a good overall understanding of these concepts. Food Rotation for your Long-term Food Storage Why does food storage matter? Because you’re going to want to have a quality of life and a way to sustain it whenever, whatever it is … Read more

Can You Refrigerate Pancake Batter? [The Complete Guide]

can you refrigerate pancake batter

Pancakes are a delicious treat for the morning or whenever you’d like them! There are many recipes to make pancake batter that is all fantastic. So, now you might wonder, how do I store this pancake batter? Can you refrigerate pancake batter? Yes, you can refrigerate pancake batter for 2-4 days. Sealing your batter in the … Read more

Does Jelly Go Bad? [Comprehensive Guide]

does jelly go bad

So you made some Jelly or maybe you bought some Jelly and you’re wondering whether Jelly goes bad. That’s what we’re going to cover in this article.  Firstly, yes, Jelly does go bad, especially when it contains sugar or fresh fruit. Additionally, your storage method will determine how long your Jelly will last.  USDA guidelines … Read more

9 Signs of Canned Food Going Bad [Your Complete Guide]

how to tell if your canned food is expired

Imagine this: You just found a can of beans on your kitchen table. You shake it and hear the contents slosh around inside, and nothing appears to be leaking out.  Of course, you’re happy because you saved a fortune by grabbing this canned food from the discount bin at your local grocery store before it … Read more