How to Build an Underground Bunker [2023 Prepper’s Guide]

how to build an underground bunker

When it comes to preparing for a disaster or an uncertain future, building an underground bunker is one of the best ways to provide a safe haven for you and your family. An underground bunker is a fortified structure that is designed to protect against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and even nuclear fallout. … Read more

PODCAST: Hunting Turkey with a Rifle & Spatchcocking a Turkey

Gun Podcast logo and episode cover man shooting shotgun

Our Gun Podcast on Spotify Our Gun Podcast on Apple Our Gun Podcast on Anchor Our Gun Podcast on Stitcher Our GunPodcast on SoundCloud Our Gun Podcast on Pandora Our Gun Podcast on Audible & Amazon Music Our Gun Podcast on IHeart Hunting Turkey with a Rifle? Is that a thing? This podcast episode (episode … Read more

Perfect Turkey in 45 minutes – It’s real and it’s fantastic!

Spatchcocked and dry brined turkey before being carved crispy and beautiful

Turkey in 45 minutes of cooking time – juicy and delicious – using this unique preparation On this website, we tend to be a bit more spartan about food preps, and sustenance in general. But part of the benefits of prepping is having some extra ability to live comfortably, and enjoy the things that are … Read more

How to Wear a Boot Knife? [The Only Guide You Need]

how to wear a boot knife

So, you’re thinking of getting a boot knife for self-defense, or maybe you already have a boot knife and just need to know how to wear it. In this article, you’ll learn all of that and more. But first, what is a boot knife?  A boot knife is a small fixed-blade knife that is designed … Read more

How Long Do Shotgun Shells Last? [2023 Guide]

how long do shotgun shells last

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re an ammo hoarder – and you need to know when to use your ammo. So, how long do shotgun shells last? Shotgun shells last on average 10 years. If you use it after that, it will be more dangerous to use because the powder and other components … Read more

Bison Pump Vs Simple Pump [Which is Best?]

bison pump vs simple pump

So, you’re thinking about building a well for your home and you’re not sure which pump is the best for you. Two popular pumps are the bison and simple pump. That’s why in this article, we’ll compare the Bison pump vs Simple pump. This is the only article you’ll need to read comparing Bison and … Read more

Best Gun Oil to Prevent Rust [Top 5 for 2023]

best gun oil to prevent rust

So, you’re in the market for the best oil to prevent rust. Look no further; this will be the only article you will need for rust-prevention oils. Gun oils are primarily for cleaning and keeping your gun functioning in tip-top conditions. However, there are also oils that specialize in preventing rust, which is what we’ll … Read more

What Type of Smoke Signal Indicates an Emergency? [The Answer]

what type of smoke signal indicates an emergency

So, you’re lost and you don’t know what to do. That’s the situation you don’t want to be in, ever. It isn’t fun. So, that’s why in this article you’ll learn exactly what to do to signal for help in an emergency. If you do not have a working device to signal for help, you … Read more

13 Chicken Coop Door Ideas [Best Ideas 2023]

a chicken coop door with a screen enclosure

Chicken coops are important because they help protect chickens from bad weather, predators, and diseases. They cannot live without them! So, it’s essential to have it, but what are some chicken coop door ideas to spruce it up? That’s what we’ll cover in this article today. We’re covering 15 different chicken coop door ideas – … Read more

Will Antifreeze Kill a Rat [What You Have to Know]

will antifreeze kill a rat

Antifreeze is a well-known chemical used in vehicles as a coolant and break fluid. But, you may be wondering whether antifreeze is poisoning – and if it is poisonous, will antifreeze kill a rat? Yes, the antifreeze will kill a rat because it contains ethylene glycol, a highly toxic chemical that is known to kill … Read more