Will Antifreeze Kill a Rat [What You Have to Know]

will antifreeze kill a rat

Antifreeze is a well-known chemical used in vehicles as a coolant and break fluid. But, you may be wondering whether antifreeze is poisoning – and if it is poisonous, will antifreeze kill a rat? Yes, the antifreeze will kill a rat because it contains ethylene glycol, a highly toxic chemical that is known to kill … Read more

Can a Bullet Go Through Brick? [Your Complete Guide]

can a bullet go through brick

So, you might have wondered, can a bullet go through brick? Brick, as you know is a hard material and bullets are known to go through most materials. You may live in a brick home or you may just be curious. So, can a bullet go through brick?  Most bullets will not be able to … Read more

Will a Little Gas Hurt a Diesel Engine? [What You Must Know]

will a little gas hurt a diesel engine

So, you’ve accidentally put a little gas into your diesel engine, or maybe you’re just wondering, ‘will a little gas hurt a diesel engine’? That’s precisely what this article will cover right now. A little gas will hurt a diesel engine. As little as 5-10% gas contamination can potentially lead to heavy engine damage. This … Read more

9 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter [Ultimate Tools]

With winter coming around, people often leave their furnaces on all day to heat their homes. In some cases, this can be a waste of energy and money.  To ensure you have a safe and efficient heat source during the cold months, consider these choices to keep you and your family warm throughout winter. This … Read more

Do Onions Kill Rats [Everything You Need to Know]

do onions kill rats

Rats can be annoying – they eat a lot, contaminate things with urine and feces, and even spread disease. The worse part is they breed like crazy. So, you might be wondering – do onions kill rats? Yes, onions can kill rats by making them very sick. Over a few days, they will die naturally. … Read more

How to Prevent Food Spoilage Easily [10 Best Ways]

10 Ways to Prevent Food Spoilage Easily

Are you tired of throwing away spoiled food and wasting money? Learn how to prevent food spoilage and save money on your grocery bill. With a few simple techniques and the right storage methods, you can keep your food fresher for longer and reduce your food waste. Food deterioration is the process by which food … Read more

20 Low Cost Ways To Build An Off-Grid Home in 2023

off grid home building

For those who are considering building an off-grid home but don’t have the funds to do so, this post is for you. Here I’ve outlined multiple low-cost methods for building an off-grid home.  This includes making use of solar power, wind power, rainwater harvesting and purification systems, sustainable materials like burlap and raffia cloth (or … Read more

5 Pieces of Bad Survival Advice (With Corrected Solutions)

commonly thought but wrong survival tips

Survivalist TV shows have gained popularity over the years. Think Man vs. Wild and Dual Survival. People who have lived their entire lives in cities find the idea of living and surviving in the wilderness fascinating. It makes sense because the idea of surviving in the wild and fending for yourself sounds empowering. The downside … Read more

10 Common First Aid Myths That May Seriously Injure You

10 Common First Aid Myths That May Seriously Injure You

This article debunks 10 common first aid myths that may seriously injure or kill you, and what you should do instead. While there are plenty of relevant information you can pick up from the internet, not all of them are going to be correct. It’s especially important to get accurate information on medical information for emergency … Read more

Urban Survival Skills List [25 Skills You Should Know]

urban survival skills

Urban survival skills are essential for today’s environment, whether you are a prepper or not. The world is a dangerous place, and you must be prepared. First, let us define urban survival skills. I define urban survival skills as skills, tactics, and abilities to survive a widespread, prolonged disaster while remaining in a densely populated … Read more