10 C’s of Survival (What you Need to Know)

10 cs of survival

This article will cover the 10 C’s of survival and everything you need to know about it. People carry several mixed items in their bags, depending on the situation, the setting, and the activities anticipated. This is called adaptation to the situation, which is what self-reliance and survival are all about.  Over the years, it … Read more

How to Hunt with a Slingshot (Best Practices)

how to hunt with a slingshot

Have you ever wondered how to hunt with a slingshot? This article will go over everything you need to know about hunting with a slingshot, including best practices. Yet this sneaky projectile-flinger does have a wide range of useful survival applications. This weapon relies on durable elastic materials to be used, and so it was … Read more

Martial Law in the US (Everything You Need to Know)

martial law in the us

Martial Law is by far one of the greatest nightmares we might face, one that leaves many preppers up at night. This is because it can occur in the midst of any natural or man-made disasters. The march into Martial Law is frequently overlooked by the general population, often branded as nonsense or something belonging … Read more

How to Find Food in the Desert [Ultimate Guide for Survival]

finding food in the desert

Stranded in the desert with no food or water in sight? It may seem hopeless, but there are ways to find sustenance in even the harshest of environments. Learn the tips and tricks of desert survival experts on how to find food in the desert, and how to stay alive in one of the toughest … Read more

Morse Code SOS Light (Real Method Step-by-Step)

morse code sos light

In this quick guide, I will describe to you exactly how to signal morse code SOS lights with no prior experience. First off, why should you trust me? I have been studying morse code for about a year, and I know almost everything you need to know about morse code signals – especially emergency morse … Read more

How to Dig A Hand Pump Well Yourself [The Right Way 2023]

how to dig a well yourself

Are you tired of relying on a municipal water supply or paying for expensive bottled water? Learn how to take control of your water source learning how to dig a hand pump well yourself! With the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can easily access clean, fresh water right from your own backyard. … Read more

How to Whittle a Spoon With a Knife (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

how to whittle a spoon simple step-by-step easy guide

So, you’re bored at home and you want to make something useful to feel accomplished. Well, you’re in for a treat because you’re going to learn how to whittle a spoon with a knife today. Whittling is an amazing hobby practiced by millions of people from around the world! Beginners are very welcome here! Everyone … Read more

15 Dental Floss Uses For Survival You Never Could’ve Guessed

Survival Uses For Floss You Never Could've Guessed

If you’re in an emergency situation and you happen to have floss in your pockets or near you, then you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll learn dental floss uses for survival you never could’ve guessed. A thread of floss can be used for many things, such as a shoelace, food slicer, and even a … Read more

19 Surprising Survival Uses For Paper Clips To Know Now

19 Surprising Survival Uses For Paper Clips To Know Now

The amount of survival uses for paperclips will surprise you, it can be used as compass, a screwdriver, a lockpick and many more things. Something as simple as a paper clip has many survival uses. Having the knowledge that an everyday object, like a paper clip can perform so many amazing things, is great to … Read more