5 Best Hand Crank Flashlights [Ultimate Guide]

best hand crank flashlight

So, you’re looking for the best hand crank flashlight around. Well, come no further, we’ve listed 5 of the best hand crank flashlights in this article.  We also cover what types of things to look for and some FAQs about hand crank flashlights. This will be the only article you need to read for the … Read more

Best Gun Oil to Prevent Rust [Top 5 for 2023]

best gun oil to prevent rust

So, you’re in the market for the best oil to prevent rust. Look no further; this will be the only article you will need for rust-prevention oils. Gun oils are primarily for cleaning and keeping your gun functioning in tip-top conditions. However, there are also oils that specialize in preventing rust, which is what we’ll … Read more

So, You’re camping at Crystal Lake campgrounds for Halloween – Here’s a Great Packing List

what to pack to crystal lake

Since it’s that time of the year. Let’s have a bit of fun with the Hollywood tropes, and juxtapose real world concepts atop a chance encounter on a wilderness camping trip with a psychopathic killer. Note: this is obviously meant for entertainment purposes and you should check your local and regional jurisdictional legalities (as well … Read more

Does WD40 Freeze? [The Correct Answer 2023]

does wd40 freeze

So, you have a bottle of WD40, because it can be sued for so many things and you’re wondering, ‘does WD40 freeze’? The answer may surprise you.  Yes, WD40 does freeze at -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The contents will get sludgy at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it’s fairly difficult to get WD40 to actually freeze and you … Read more

Will a 9mm Kill a Bear? [What You Should Know]

will a 9mm kill a bear

So, you have a 9MM gun, and you’re wondering how powerful it really is. It’s often thought of as a weak gun that’ll piss off large game, but that may not be true. So, will a 9mm kill a bear? Yes, a 9mm will kill or severely injure a bear. A 9mm has around 400 … Read more

Best Emergency Shortwave Radios [Our TOP Picks for 2023!]

Top 5 Best Emergency Shortwave Radio Suitable for You

This article will explore the top 5 emergency shortwave radios and what makes them the finest of their kind. Most people listen to high-frequency radio broadcasts to stay tuned to their favorite local FM stations. On the other hand, shortwave radio is ideal for transmitting and receiving frequencies across large distances. It has been in … Read more

5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

This article will gear you up to find the proper survival multi-tool for you that is versatile, durable, and dependable, especially in the most unconventional circumstances. It’s better to be prepared than sorry; that’s my version of “Better safe than sorry,” a saying from an Irish Novelist named Samuel Lover from his book, Rory O’More.  … Read more

How to Refill a Bic Lighter The Simplest Way [Full Guide]

How to Refill a Bic Lighter The Simplest Way

In this article, I will talk through exactly how to refill Bic lighters with two of the simplest methods, depending on your materials. Bic lighters are not meant to be refillable, according to the manufacturer. Yet, I wouldn’t say I like the thought of having to buy a new lighter each time my lighter runs … Read more

8 Best Survival Stoves You Can Get Your Hands on Today

8 Best Survival Stoves You Can Get Your Hands on Today

This article will go over eight of the best survival stoves that are practical for off-grid living or for handy for hiking and camping in the mountains. In an apocalyptic world, it won’t probably be a good idea to lock yourself up in a house and stay there for the rest of your days. Instead, … Read more

7 Best Off-Grid Refrigerators [The Ultimate Guide]

7 Best Off Grid Refrigerators You Can Use

This post will teach you about some tremendous off-grid refrigerators available for living in the great outdoors. If you’ve decided to live off-grid, you’ll need to discover the best off-grid refrigerator to keep your food fresh! Modern appliance conveniences can still be enjoyed, such as a refrigerator or a chest freezer, while living off the … Read more