How To Charge A Taser Without A Charger? [Full Guide]

How To Charge A Taser Without A Charger

Tasers are one of the most effective and powerful non-lethal self-defense weapons available. Using a taser can help protect an individual from a dangerous situation or attack.  However, if you don’t have access to the necessary taser charger that comes with it, you may be wondering how to charge a taser without one.  Fortunately, there … Read more

How To Make A Pocketknife? [Complete Guide]

how to make a pocketknife

Making a pocket knife is an exciting project and can be quite rewarding. Not only do you get to enjoy creating something with your own hands, but when it’s finished, you have a unique, handmade tool that you can use for years to come.  Whether you’re an experienced knife maker or just starting out, this … Read more

How Long Can Cured Meat Sit Out? [The Correct Answer]

How Long Can Cured Meat Sit Out

Have you ever wondered how long cured meat can be left out? Cured meats are processed and preserved through various methods, including smoking or salting. This helps to keep the meat safe for consumption and extend its shelf-life.  However, once it has been cooked or opened from the packaging, how long can cured meats be … Read more

How To Make A Taser Out Of Household Objects? [Full Guide]

how to make a taser out of household objects

Have you ever felt the need to protect yourself but don’t have access to a taser? Read on for some creative methods on how to make a taser out of household objects! This will upgrade your self-defense and protect you from dangerous people. With crime rates continuing to rise and more people looking out for … Read more

Cheap 72 Hour Kits – Everything you need to know

cheap 72 hour kits

Cheap Survival Equipment – the risks, concerns, and reasons why some of it is ok, even if it isn’t world class This article is about the cheap 72 hour kits and all encompassing survival equipment kits that are all over the market.  After every flood, fire and earthquake, the FEMA (Federal emergency Management Agency) Alerts … Read more

Does WD40 Remove Paint? [What You Need to Know]

does wd40 remove paint

So, you accidentally get some paint somewhere you don’t want, and you want to remove it. Is WD40 the solution? Or maybe you’re wondering if WD40 will hurt the paint on something. We’ll cover all of that in this article. So, does WD40 remove paint? No, WD40 is not suitable for removing paint. It can remove … Read more