Best Sillcock Key (Water Key) and Everything You Must Know

sillcock keys

Sillcock keys or water keys are revolutionary tools. In this article, I will cover everything about sillcock keys including the best sillcock key. Sillcock keys are tools that are commonly used by contractors and engineers alike. However, sillcock keys are also commonly used by urban preppers. The sillcock key will make accessing a clean water … Read more

Morse Code SOS Light (Real Method Step-by-Step)

morse code sos light

In this quick guide, I will describe to you exactly how to signal morse code SOS lights with no prior experience. First off, why should you trust me? I have been studying morse code for about a year, and I know almost everything you need to know about morse code signals – especially emergency morse … Read more

How to Dig A Hand Pump Well Yourself [The Right Way 2023]

how to dig a well yourself

Are you tired of relying on a municipal water supply or paying for expensive bottled water? Learn how to take control of your water source learning how to dig a hand pump well yourself! With the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can easily access clean, fresh water right from your own backyard. … Read more

How to Make Natural Penicillin at Home (Step-by-Step)

how to make penicillin at home

Here, I will show you exactly how to make natural penicillin at home, in a simple and clear way. Penicillin is a popular antibiotic that has saved 200,000,000 lives, according to the New World Encyclopedia.  Doctors do not give antibiotics such as penicillin just for prepping, so what do we do? We make our own … Read more

Why Does Salt Make Candles Burn Longer?

why does salt make candles burn longer

There are many ways to make candles burn longer. In this article, I will go in-depth on why does salt make candles burn longer. Making candles last longer can be very advantageous if you are short on candles, or take a safer approach when using your supplies. I was just recently watching a “who done … Read more

Best Survival Can Opener You Need to Know Now [Buyer Guide]

best survivalist can opener you need to know now

So, you want the best survival can opener right now; you came to the right place. In this article, I will give you quick answers so that you can try out your can opener as soon as possible. Let’s face it, can openers are sometimes too expensive or too heavy. You want to look for … Read more

Why Basic Survival Skills Are Important to Know (Full Guide)

why are survival skills important?

Have you ever wondered why the survivalists know the skills they know? Is it necessary? Well, in this article, you’ll learn why basic survival skills are important to know. We have developed primitive skills in order to flourish and survive. Before the industrial revolution, it was essential to know what was around you and to master … Read more

15 Dental Floss Uses For Survival You Never Could’ve Guessed

Survival Uses For Floss You Never Could've Guessed

If you’re in an emergency situation and you happen to have floss in your pockets or near you, then you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll learn dental floss uses for survival you never could’ve guessed. A thread of floss can be used for many things, such as a shoelace, food slicer, and even a … Read more

19 Surprising Survival Uses For Paper Clips To Know Now

19 Surprising Survival Uses For Paper Clips To Know Now

The amount of survival uses for paperclips will surprise you, it can be used as compass, a screwdriver, a lockpick and many more things. Something as simple as a paper clip has many survival uses. Having the knowledge that an everyday object, like a paper clip can perform so many amazing things, is great to … Read more

Best Outdoor Survival Lighter: My Top 5 Picks for 2023

best survival lighters

Have you ever wondered what the best outdoor survival light was? A lighter that could withstand all types of weather and still start a fire for you? Well, that’s what we’ll cover in this article. Having a reliable outdoor survival lighter that works whenever you want it to work is a good thing. Features such … Read more