Survival Clothing Guide [Definitive Guide for 2023]

survival clothing

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about survival clothing. This is the ONLY survival clothing guide you will need. By the end of the guide, you will learn what type of clothing is best for extreme weather, how to layer it, survival clothing hacks, and more. This comes from someone who … Read more

How Long Do Shotgun Shells Last? [2023 Guide]

how long do shotgun shells last

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re an ammo hoarder – and you need to know when to use your ammo. So, how long do shotgun shells last? Shotgun shells last on average 10 years. If you use it after that, it will be more dangerous to use because the powder and other components … Read more

So, You’re camping at Crystal Lake campgrounds for Halloween – Here’s a Great Packing List

Jason Voorhees What do you

Since it’s that time of the year. Let’s have a bit of fun with the Hollywood tropes, and juxtapose real world concepts atop a chance encounter on a wilderness camping trip with a psychopathic killer. Note: this is obviously meant for entertainment purposes and you should check your local and regional jurisdictional legalities (as well … Read more

House Fire Survival Tips (What You Need to Know)

fire survival damage house wildfire

Fire is one of those things you hope you’ll never have to deal with in your lifetime.  Still, isn’t it much better to know what to do if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation? That’s why we made this article on house fire survival tips. Knowing exactly what to do in case … Read more

How Safe is Your Neighborhood? (7 Must-Know Tools to Find Out)

how safe is your neighborhood tools to kind out

Safety is of utmost importance, especially in your neighborhood. The crime rate in your community impacts everything from your home’s resale value to your peace of mind. Luckily, several tools help you answer the question, “How safe is your neighborhood?” These online tools will help you understand the types of crimes commonly reported in your … Read more

Krav Maga For Beginners (What You Need to Know)

krav maga for beginners

Krav Maga is a mixed martial arts fighting technique developed by the military. It is one of the best hand–to-hand combat styles popular among military personnel and martial arts enthusiasts.  This Krav Maga guide for beginners covers everything you need to know to start the practice. If you are interested in Krav Maga to learn some … Read more

Crime Prevention Tips to Avoid Being an Easy Target

Crime Prevention Tips to Avoid Being an Easy Target

This guide will go over safety practices and crime prevention tips to lower or eliminate the chances of being targeted as victims.  Recent studies on property and violent crime have shown that safety and security remain to be a large issue in many parts of the US.  According to, violent crime in major US … Read more

Krav Maga Techniques List (8 Moves You Need to Know)

krav maga techniques

I have always wondered how I would react if faced with a dangerous attacker on the street. Thankfully, I am a black belt in Krav Maga and can defend myself if attacked.  In this article, I will uncover 8 Krav Maga techniques you must know for self-defense.  This article will cover Krav Maga, a proven combative art … Read more

Urban Survival Skills List [25 Skills You Should Know]

urban survival skills

Urban survival skills are essential for today’s environment, whether you are a prepper or not. The world is a dangerous place, and you must be prepared. First, let us define urban survival skills. I define urban survival skills as skills, tactics, and abilities to survive a widespread, prolonged disaster while remaining in a densely populated … Read more

EDC For Women [Top Must Carry Gears for 2023]

EDC For Women Top Must Carry Gears

This text will provide you with the highest EDC for ladies. These EDC gears are the objects it is best to all the time carry and will by no means go away your private home with out them. Whether or not male or feminine, prepper or non-prepper, everybody ought to have an everyday carry (EDC) … Read more