How to Become the Gray Man (The Ultimate Guide)

how to become the gray man

Are you tired of standing out in the crowd and being a potential victim? Want to learn how to become the gray man and go unnoticed in any situation? Keep reading to discover the techniques and mindset of the elusive gray man and how you can implement them in your own life. In every populated … Read more

12 Easy Home Security Tips You Never Taught Of [2023 Guide]

shtf home security tips now

I promise that you will learn how to be more prepared with these easy home security tips you never taught of. Your home should be as hard as possible to enter, with multiple security layers that are hard to get around.  Let’s face it, the world is already a dangerous place, and with over 1% … Read more

What are Signs a Tornado is Coming? (6 To Look Out For)

signs of a tornado coming

If you live near the west coast, you’re prone to tornadoes. So, you might ask yourself, what are signs a tornado is coming? We promise by the end of this article, you will know almost everything about tornadoes, including how to tell if it is coming, how to survive it, and everything else important. Let’s … Read more

Martial Law in the US (Everything You Need to Know)

martial law in the us

Martial Law is by far one of the greatest nightmares we might face, one that leaves many preppers up at night. This is because it can occur in the midst of any natural or man-made disasters. The march into Martial Law is frequently overlooked by the general population, often branded as nonsense or something belonging … Read more

How to Make a Wickiup (Ultimate Guide)

how to make a wickiup

Want to know how to make a wickiup? You can learn the basics of making this survival shelter right here. Now, during the olden times, Native Americans used wickiups for warm, roomy shelter. Today, we still use it for the same purposes! It can keep you warm because you can safely build a fire in … Read more

Copperhead Snake Look-Alikes (Snake Identification)

copper snake look alikes

There are many copper snake look-alikes that are completely harmless. The Copperhead snake probably has the most misinformation spread around than any other creature in the US. However, very few people know the truth about these devastating snakes and how to tell them apart from Copperhead snake look-alikes.. Countless harmless snakes are killed every year … Read more

Black Sky Event (Everything You Need to Know)

black sky event-everything-you-need-to-know

A black sky event is an event that everyone in the world is vulnerable to, especially the US. The black sky event is when all the power gridlines get cut off, and a collapse begins. Critical infrastructure sectors that we rely on are hazardous such as nuclear energy sectors, chemical sectors, food sectors, and many others. … Read more

How to Make Natural Penicillin at Home (Step-by-Step)

how to make penicillin at home

Here, I will show you exactly how to make natural penicillin at home, in a simple and clear way. Penicillin is a popular antibiotic that has saved 200,000,000 lives, according to the New World Encyclopedia.  Doctors do not give antibiotics such as penicillin just for prepping, so what do we do? We make our own … Read more

2023 Home Burglary Statistics [Recent Data For You]

2020 home burglary statistics

Are you vulnerable to a home invasion? Interested in learning about home security statistics? I will cover the latest, 2021 US home security and burglary statistics and facts. In this article, I will cover things like your chances of a home invasion, how often do police catch burglars, how to tell if a burglar is … Read more

Elbow Strike Techniques for Self-Defense [What to Know]

elbow strike guide for self defense

Are you looking to add some power to your punches? In this article, we will introduce you to elbow strike techniques that will help you knock out your opponents with a single blow. Whether you are a seasoned fighter or just starting out, these techniques are sure to up your game in the ring. You … Read more