How Long Does WD40 Last? [Ultimate Guide]

how long does wd40 last

So, you’ve got yourself some WD40 stored in your house, and you’re wondering – how long does WD40 last? That’s precisely what you’ll learn in this article today. WD40 is said to have no definite expiration date. However, its effectiveness does diminish over time, so it’s said that it can last for around five years … Read more

Does Green Tea Expire? [What You Need to Know]

does green tea expire

So, you’re sipping and enjoying some green tea on your couch and you’re thinking to yourself if green tea would be something good for long-term storage. So, naturally the question ‘does green tea expire’ pops up.  Green tea does not expire since the leaves do not oxidize because they have been heated. However, green tea … Read more

Do Composting Toilets Smell? [Definitive Guide for 2023]

do composting toilets smell

So, you might be considering getting a composting toilet, so you’re evaluating its potential downsides. If you’re someone who like a clean environment that always smells optimal, the question, do composting toilets smell probably pops into your head. Well, in this article, we’ll cover EVERYTHING you need to know about this. Composting toilets do not … Read more

Bison Pump Vs Simple Pump [Which is Best?]

bison pump vs simple pump

So, you’re thinking about building a well for your home and you’re not sure which pump is the best for you. Two popular pumps are the bison and simple pump. That’s why in this article, we’ll compare the Bison pump vs Simple pump. This is the only article you’ll need to read comparing Bison and … Read more

Curing Salt vs Regular Salt [The Main Differences]

curing salt vs regular salt

So, you’re wondering what the difference between curing salt and regular salt is. Look no further because, in this article, we’ll compare curing salt vs regular salt. Curing salt is distinctly a reddish pink color while regular salt is a white color. Additionally, regular salt has a very high amount of sodium chloride, while curing … Read more

Does WD40 Freeze? [The Correct Answer 2023]

does wd40 freeze

So, you have a bottle of WD40, because it can be sued for so many things and you’re wondering, ‘does WD40 freeze’? The answer may surprise you.  Yes, WD40 does freeze at -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The contents will get sludgy at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it’s fairly difficult to get WD40 to actually freeze and you … Read more

13 Chicken Coop Door Ideas [Best Ideas 2023]

a chicken coop door with a screen enclosure

Chicken coops are important because they help protect chickens from bad weather, predators, and diseases. They cannot live without them! So, it’s essential to have it, but what are some chicken coop door ideas to spruce it up? That’s what we’ll cover in this article today. We’re covering 15 different chicken coop door ideas – … Read more

Will Antifreeze Kill a Rat [What You Have to Know]

will antifreeze kill a rat

Antifreeze is a well-known chemical used in vehicles as a coolant and break fluid. But, you may be wondering whether antifreeze is poisoning – and if it is poisonous, will antifreeze kill a rat? Yes, the antifreeze will kill a rat because it contains ethylene glycol, a highly toxic chemical that is known to kill … Read more

What Not to Plant With Tomatoes? [And What Works in 2023!]

what not to plant with tomatoes

Choosing the right plants beside each other will lead to tremendous growth and bigger and better tomatoes. Tomatoes are healthy and delicious but don’t go well with some plants. This might cause some problems when growing your plants.  What not to plant with tomatoes – what will not be suitable for the tomatoes or other … Read more

Can Generators Get Wet? [The Correct Answer You Must Know]

Can your generator get wet and still function?

So, you live in rainy weather, or maybe you’ve accidentally sprayed your generator with your hose. You’re thinking to yourself – ‘can generators get wet?’ Is it dangerous for generators to get wet? Well, in this article, we’ll cover that and a lot more. No, generators cannot get wet. This poses as a danger to … Read more