Cheap 72 Hour Kits – Everything you need to know

cheap 72 hour kits

Cheap Survival Equipment – the risks, concerns, and reasons why some of it is ok, even if it isn’t world class This article is about the cheap 72 hour kits and all encompassing survival equipment kits that are all over the market.  After every flood, fire and earthquake, the FEMA (Federal emergency Management Agency) Alerts … Read more

How to Make a Spiked Bat? [Ultimate Tutorial]

how to make a spiked bat

So, you’re at home watching a Netflix zombie movie, and you see the protagonist swinging the bat into a zombie. So, you think to yourself, “hey, can I make one of these?” I’m here today to tell you yes you can, and you’ll learn how to make one in this article. How to make a … Read more

Compound Crossbow vs Recurve Crossbow [Ultimate Comparison]

compound crossbow vs recurve crossbow

As a hunter or recreational shooter, you may be considering purchasing a crossbow. But with so many different types on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll be comparing the compound crossbow vs recurve crossbow, two popular options among crossbow enthusiasts.  We’ll go over … Read more

Best Expandable Baton [The Best Buying Guide 2023]

best expandable baton

If you’re in need of some extra protection, an expandable baton can be a helpful and formidable tool to have on hand.  But with so many options available, it can be tough to know which one is the best expandable baton. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the four best expandable batons available on … Read more

Survival Uses for Steel Wool [20 Uses You Didn’t Know]

survival uses for steel wool

Have you ever thought about how useful steel wool could be in a survival situation? This common household item is actually a versatile tool that can come in handy in a variety of ways.  From starting fires to deterring pests, steel wool has many practical applications that can help you out in a pinch.  Here … Read more

Survival Uses for Chapstick [20 Best Uses You Didn’t Know]

survival uses for chapstick

Do you know the many creative ways you can use chapstick beyond just moisturizing your lips? Discover 20 genius survival uses for chapstick! Chapsticks have developed over time to include tastes, scents, and other components. There are actually a lot of different purposes for chapsticks outside, just hydrating and protecting the lips. This article will … Read more

Zombie Apocalypse Guns [The Best Choices for 2023]

zombie apocalypse guns

If you know me, you know I enjoy Zombie culture.  Not because I think it’s a cool reason to get guns and not because I believe that a Zombie apocalypse of the Hollywood variety will ever happen.   I love Zombies because of the prepper in me, the survivalist, the thinker and the excitement (that doesn’t … Read more

What Are the First Three Priorities If You Become Lost?

what are the first three priorities if you become lost

Being lost in the wilderness can be a terrifying experience. It can quickly become a life or death situation if you’re not prepared.  Knowing how to survive if you’re lost in the wilderness is a crucial skill that could save your life. You will learn what are the first three priorities if you become lost. … Read more