DIY Emergency Car Survival Kit List [Best Guide for 2023]

best emergency car survival kit

If you rely solely on your phone to get you through the next roadside emergency, you may be putting yourself in danger. Cell service isn’t guaranteed on a road trip, and even if you do have service, a phone won’t help you if you get stuck on the side of the road in a blizzard … Read more

19 Different Types Of Axes for Survival [The Ultimate Guide]

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Are you looking for the best axe to help with your survival needs? Look no further! In this article, we’ll discuss 19 different types of axes that can be used in any situation and why each one is essential for your next adventure. This article will explain what types there are and their own unique … Read more

Best Long Term Survival Backpacks [15 Best Backpacks 2023]

Camping backpacks for outside

Do you want to be prepared for any situation? Invest in a long-term survival backpack, and rest assured that no matter what comes your way, you’ll have the supplies necessary to make it through. That is why we take the selection of a good backpack so seriously. We consider many factors when we choose backpacks … Read more

15 Warmest Winter Hats for the Outdoors [2023 Edition]

25 Warmest Winter Hats for the Outdoors for 2022

Welcome winter with a preparedness mindset and upgrade your winter wardrobe to include the warmest winter hats. With temperatures dropping, it is essential that you stay as bundled up as possible while still looking fashionable.  Whether you are going for an outdoor adventure or simply running errands in cold weather, having the right hat will … Read more

SHTF PDF Collection (Free Downloads)

SHTF PDF Collection (Free Downloads)

We’ve produced a list of what I believe are the most powerful materials that have influenced my and many of the guide’s readers’ initiatives, thoughts, and approaches to preparedness, security, survival, and being ready for any event in life. Here is where a lot of the primary information is to get you a huge increase in knowledge relating to survival and preparedness. If you want more ebooks PDF collections, you can subscribe below, where there are over 100 more free books. Here’s our free survival gear list. Without further ado, here is … Read more

Best Long Term Survival Tent for the Wilderness

survival tents for SHTF

Survival tents are often called the “last resort” and given that they’re usually the last thing on your mind when you’re facing a disaster, it’s understandable why.  That said, there is no better time than the present to start thinking about sheltering yourself and your loved ones from certain doom — just in case. That’s … Read more

4 Best Power Banks for Backpacking [2023 Edition]

Top 4 Best Power Banks for Backpacking

In this article, you will learn the four best power banks for backpacking and prepping. You’ll undoubtedly need some power throughout your backpacking trip, whether it’s for your phone, GPS tracker, camera, or lights. A backpacking portable power bank is the simplest method to ensure that your electronics do not die on you while you … Read more

5 Best Stormproof Matches [Best Matches for Survival]

5 Best Stormproof Matches that Light No Matter What

This review will go through 5 of the best stormproof matches that light no matter what. After being caught in a storm while enjoying the outdoors, nothing beats warming up over a campfire. But what if your entire set of gear, including matches, was soaked? You should invest in stormproof matches if you don’t want … Read more

How Much To Bulletproof a Car (What are the Cost?)

How Much Does a Bulletproof Car Cost picture of gray audi with no bullet penetrations

In this article, you will see exactly how much does a bulletproof car costs and why. The cost of bulletproofing an automobile is determined by numerous factors, including the kind of vehicle and the amount of protection desired. The cost might range from $20,000 to $50,000 in general. It’s understandable that, given the condition of … Read more

SHTF Fitness Preparation (Strategic Survival Guide)

SHTF Fitness Preparation (Strategic Survival Guide)

In this guide, you will learn SHTF fitness standards and how you should go about fitness. Physical preparedness is an often overlooked component of being ready for the future. Being prepared entails being able to withstand whatever is thrown at you. This may include wading through knee-high water or scrambling over a mound of rubble. … Read more