5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

5 Best Survival Multi Tools on the Market this 2022

This article will gear you up to find the proper survival multi-tool for you that is versatile, durable, and dependable, especially in the most unconventional circumstances. It’s better to be prepared than sorry; that’s my version of “Better safe than sorry,” a saying from an Irish Novelist named Samuel Lover from his book, Rory O’More.  … Read more

5 Best Folding Saws for Bushcraft [Ultimate Guide]

5 of the Finest Folding Saws You Can Buy Right Now scaled e1643821215995

This article will walk you through all five best folding saws in the market available for you to purchase. When you are always on the move, and all for the adventures the outdoors has to offer, then having a saw for clearing up some bush in the forest, cutting tree branches to stabilize your tent, … Read more

5 Best Survival Shovels [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

Top 5 Best Survival Shovels for 2022

This article will go over the five different survival shovel variations, rank the top five, and learn how useful it is for survival. When people say shovel, the first thing that comes into my mind is that hand tool with a broad pointed arrow-like plate at the end used by construction workers to mix concrete. … Read more

Best Car Emergency Survival Kit List [Best Guide for 2023]

best emergency car survival kit

If you rely solely on your phone to get you through the next roadside emergency, you may be putting yourself in danger. Cell service isn’t guaranteed, and even if you do have service, a phone won’t help you if you get stuck on the side of the road in a blizzard or heavy storm.  It’s … Read more

19 Different Types Of Axes for Survival [The Ultimate Guide]

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You might not know it, but axes come in a variety of types. The types differ by their construction and intended use. You should know that there is no right or wrong type of axe; the decision will depend on your needs and preferences. This article will explain what types there are and their own … Read more

15 Prepper Gifts for the Holidays that are Affordable

15 Prepper Gifts for the Holidays that are Affordable e1629480052222

In this article, I will cover 15 prepper gifts for that holiday. So, what do preppers want you to purchase a gift for them? We examine the top 15 prepper presents that are flying off the shelves and into the hands of survivalists and preppers all across the world. Holidays and other occasions when we … Read more

Tools for Bushcraft: Essentials for Shelter Building

Tools for Bushcraft Essentials for Shelter Building

In this article, I will cover essential tools for bushcraft. There are many tools out there for bushcraft, but there are really only a couple of things you absolutely need to have. When people discuss tools, we always hear about how knives or axes are kings, but often not discussed is the mindset and mental … Read more

Bushcraft Items: Items That Almost No Experienced Bushcrafters Use in 2022

bushcraft tools that aren't owned by experienced bushcrafters

If you’re an avid camper, hiker, or explorer then Bushcraft tools are a must-have. Here are the best bushcraft tools to bring with you in case of emergencies. With the right set of bushcraft tools at your fingertips, getting back to nature just became much more enjoyable and far less dangerous. The following best bushcraft … Read more

9 Best Survival Tools That Could Save Your Life

9 Best Survival Tools That Could Save Your Life

In this article, you will learn the 9 best survival tools that could save your life. It’s always a good idea to introduce along with some basic survival tools into your survival kit. You never know when you would have an unexpected stay in the wilderness. The only way to increase your chances of surviving … Read more

How to Choose a Survival Knife [What You Must Know]

Good knife according to a wilderness survival expert and top knife with Rambo Knife

In this article, I will be going over how to choose a survival knife, and what factors to consider when purchasing a survival knife. Despite advances in medicine, technology, transport, and communication, millions of people around the world face catastrophes and their heinous repercussions every year.  Furthermore, thousands of people are thrown into sudden and … Read more