Leatherman vs Gerber Mutli-Tools [Which is Truly The Best?]

Leatherman vs Gerber: Best Multi-Tool Makers' Match

This article will give you comprehensive and comparative details between the two best multi-makers, Leatherman and Gerber. We will include feature specifications and determine which is better than the other. Manufacturers come in a wide variety in the multi-tool field, but two stand out above the rest: Gerber gear and Leatherman gear. Leatherman pioneered the … Read more

8 Best Bowie Knives [& Why They’re Amazing!]

10 Most Outstanding Bowie Knives This 2022 (1)

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10 Best Extreme Cold Weather Socks [Best Selection for 2023]

Top 10 Best Extreme Cold Weather Socks this 2022

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Ultimate Paracord Knots Guide (What You Need to Know)

paracord survival knots

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How to Make Fish Traps: 3 Simplest Traps you can Build Today

How to Make Fish Traps Best 3 Simplest Ways You Can Build

This article will help you know how to make fish traps to catch fish for survival. It’s a known fact that fish is the first option you have for food when you live off-grid, and you’re lucky enough to be near a body of water.  Fish is one of the most versatile survival meals available. … Read more

Snare Trapping for Beginners [5 Best Tactics for Survival]

Top 5 Most Useful Traps and Snares that You Can Do e1644860640497

This article will give you five helpful ways to make traps and snares that you can do for your survival in the woods. You will learn snare trapping for beginners. Knowing how to create a snare trap can be a terrific way to impress and survive the next time you get lost hiking, want to … Read more