11 Insects That Are Edible & Healthy for Survival [Ultimate Guide]

edible insects that are healthy

You are about to die from starvation in the middle of nowhere… who do you look to? Insects. Insects are edible and enjoyed worldwide by over two billion people, according to Wikipedia. There are over 2,000 insects that can be consumed. However, I will cover 15 common species here. Eating bugs may seem absurd to … Read more

Snare Trapping for Beginners [5 Best Tactics for Survival]

Top 5 Most Useful Traps and Snares that You Can Do e1644860640497

Do you want to learn how to set up and use snare traps for hunting? This beginner’s guide will show you exactly what tactics to get started with when trapping. You will learn snare trapping for beginners. Knowing how to create a snare trap can be a terrific way to impress and survive the next time … Read more

How to Make a Torch in the Woods: 3 of the Best Ways

How to Make A Torch in the Woods Best Tips a Newbie Can Do

For first-timers out there who are thinking of going for their ultimate outdoor experience, this article will teach you how to make your own light in the middle of the forest. Congratulations! You have just gathered all the courage to put details on your camping trip. I’m so proud of you.  Now, you have to … Read more

5 Best Folding Saws for Bushcraft [Ultimate Guide]

5 of the Finest Folding Saws You Can Buy Right Now scaled e1643821215995

Are you looking for the best folding saw to help with your bushcrafting needs? Discover our ultimate guide on what makes a great folding saw and five top-rated models that can stand up to any task. You might be thinking, “how can I carry around over 22 inches of the saw with me while traveling in … Read more

5 Best Survival Shovels [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

Top 5 Best Survival Shovels for 2022

This article will go over the five different survival shovel variations, rank the top five, and learn how useful it is for survival. When people say shovel, the first thing that comes into my mind is that hand tool with a broad pointed arrow-like plate at the end used by construction workers to mix concrete. … Read more

19 Different Types Of Axes for Survival [The Ultimate Guide]

types of axes scaled e1641662356527

Are you looking for the best axe to help with your survival needs? Look no further! In this article, we’ll discuss 19 different types of axes that can be used in any situation and why each one is essential for your next adventure. This article will explain what types there are and their own unique … Read more

Tools for Bushcraft: Essentials for Shelter Building

Tools for Bushcraft Essentials for Shelter Building

In this article, I will cover essential tools for bushcraft. There are many tools out there for bushcraft, but there are really only a couple of things you absolutely need to have. When people discuss tools, we always hear about how knives or axes are kings, but often not discussed is the mindset and mental … Read more

15 Day Hiking Hacks to Try [What You Need to Know]

15 Hiking Hacks That I Wished I had Known

In this list, I will cover 15 day hiking hacks that I wished I had known to benefit you greatly. These helpful hike hacks can help you become a great hiker in no time, whether you’re doing a small route or climbing Kilimanjaro. Let’s dive right in. 1. Wrap Duct Tape Around your Water Bottle … Read more

7 Long Term Survival Shelters In The Woods to Know

simple survival shelters you have to know

In this article, I will cover 7 long term survival shelters that can save your life in an emergency, from beginner to advanced. The survival rule of three is a basic underlying concept for survivalism. It basically states that you cannot live with three minutes without air, three hours without shelter, three days without water, … Read more