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14 thoughts on “Thanks For Signing Up!”

  1. I’m an older person that has learned a lot over the years. Being in the Boy Scouts, while also having some training in survival while younger is great. Having this added chance to learn and teach the younger generations of the family with this resource is so easy.

  2. A network or community for info on how to where share alert, is going to be vital and I hope that kind of trust can be established or at least started. I was fortunate in my upbringing and military experiences and I feel that has given me the natural mind set one has to have in this scenario and has aided me in the unexpecteds that life throws at you. But, I’m so eager to learn more and everything and I’m grateful to have this resource. I’m slowly but commitedly gather items, knowledge, & allies to bug out and or live self sufficiently with my small family in a confident peaceful way. ~mama from Missouri

  3. I just signed up . An what I have read an seen is amazing . I’m a prepper an there are things here I have never see , learned or been thought by my grandfather . Thank you so much for all the info

  4. While looking for one specific item, I stumbled on and found tons of information I haven’t seen anywhere else. The product descriptions and information are outstanding. Thanks for sharing all your hard work and for allowing me to sign up for more great articles/items/advice.


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