Tom Laird

tom laird

I am the owner of The Doghouse Bushcraft LLC and the creator of The Doghouse Bushcraft on YouTube and am known as The Beard, but for those in the know, my name is Tom Laird.

I have been camping, hunting, fishing, and trapping most of my life. I feel at home in the woods and want to share my hard-earned knowledge and experience with others. I learned all of my outdoor skills by reading the works of the frontiersmen and practicing new skills the hard way out in the woods and having to make it work.

I have never had much money to buy gear and had to make my own or pinch pennies over the years to get what I currently have, and I am always looking for better solutions for outdoor problems. In short, I have done so much with so little for so long. I have learned many painful lessons and am trying to share those hard-won lessons with others.

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