10 Weird Fishing Tips that Actually Work [Ultimate Guide]

Come aboard, both novice and experienced anglers! Fishing is about to become ten times easier with the right guidance, equipment, and knowledge of all the insider tips and tricks.

This article will go over everything fishing so that you can have an even better experience than you already have.

Let’s dive right in.

If all other methods of fishing fail you, you might want to consider getting your own trained otter. Man has been fishing with otters since at least the seventh century. During the Tang dynasty, Chinese writers mention the use of otters for fishing. 

They were used to drive fish into nets in Europe in the fifteenth century. Otters were kept for fishing by King James I of England, who reigned from 1603 to 1625. The practice persisted in parts of China, India, and Malaysia well into the twentieth century.

Talking to the Locals

Fish behavior is affected by geography and habitat. The fish species books you’ve just finished give you a great overview of fish behavior.

However, observation and critical thinking are unrivaled. Keep an eagle’s eye out for anything unusual.

Speak with the people who live there. Learn about the unique fish behaviors found in your favorite fishing spots.


A sharpened pike could easily kill fish because of its great speed and accuracy.

Now, newer equipment has developed, such as the iron tip harpoons in the 1700s, the harpoon gun in the 1800s, and most other equipment in the 1930-50s. Today, we still use spearfishing as a sport for hunting and is practiced all over the world. The primary focus is still the mental and physical ability of yourself.

Whether you are doing this for recreational or competitive purposes, you will need to overcome the many obstacles to catch your prize. Nowadays, there are many tournaments that drive excitement and draw more attention to this sport. Additionally, there are many clubs and organizations for spearfishing!

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Making a Fish Hook out of a Can Tab

fish hook

If you’re on the run trying to escape from Darth Vader’s army, or you’ve forgotten the hooks or fishing pole on your weekly fishing trip, don’t panic. This good trick with only a sharp tool (a multi-tool would be ideal) can turn any aluminum beverage into a fish hook worthy of catching a small fish. 

You could even catch bigger fish with this type of primitive fish hook. If you are trying to make this fish hook project at home, a nail filer will help you hone the hook to a perfect, sharp point. 

To read the full guide on how to make one yourself, click here.

Organizing your Fish Hooks

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been pricked by fishing hooks before discovering this useful invention.

Simply open a safety pin and thread the tip through the tops of your fishing hooks one at a time. When you’re finished, close the safety pin and you’ll have an easy, convenient place to store your hooks when you need them.

Turn a Box of Tic Tacs into a Bait Dispenser

I love Tic Tacs, but I’d never thought of a good use for the box once I’d finished. However, if you use wax bait when fishing, you can easily store it in a tic tac container. The box is small enough to fit in your pocket and holds an unexpected amount of bait.

Sewer Fishing

Fishermen will often go to great lengths to catch a prized fish, but as is often the case, we overlook what is right in our own backyards.

Take, for example, the storm sewer. That’s right, your neighborhood storm drain could be your next fishing hole.

Tin Foil Strategy

I used to enjoy casting metal slices into Mackerel schools when I was a kid…. I still adore it! I was devastated to lose my favorite slice because I had no money in my adolescence.

I was back in action and achieving identical results with an elongated sinker wrapped in tin foil sitting above a treble or single hook.

Bring a Measuring Tape

measuring tape

There are laws for everything, including fishing. The tricky part is that fishing laws differ greatly from state to state and around the world.

Always keep a fish measuring mat or tape measure on hand. A bad guess can lead to a costly mistake. Taking undersized fish is usually punishable by a large fine.

There are frequently catch limits that are related to fish numbers in general or to numbers of specific species or species sizes. Local tackle shops will also have printed rules and regulations available. Stick to them. Some fines may exceed your annual earnings.

Catch and Release

Catch and release only. It warms my heart to see how catch and release has grown in the last decade. Seeing the lists of fish on the endangered and overfished lists, on the other hand, fills my heart with dread. 

Keep a few for yourself and your family. It’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of fishing. Make it a rule, however, to return the majority of your catch, and never keep large ones because they are prolific breeders.

We can’t rely on government regulations to keep fish stocks safe. It is entirely up to us to ensure that our grandchildren’s children can enjoy fishing for many years to come. It is our responsibility.


Fishing can be a thrilling and enjoyable pastime. It also has health benefits. However, fishing necessitates a lifetime of trial and error. You can always find out more.

If you enjoy fishing, you should always seek knowledge. Fishing is a very relaxing and comforting activity. However, many people are unable to go fishing due to a lack of specialized knowledge and familiarity with fishing techniques.

This article will undoubtedly assist you greatly in learning about various fishing tips and tricks. Some of these suggestions have been shown to be effective. Others, not so much. However, they are still worth a shot at least once. Anything for a 20-pound bass.

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Enjoy your fishing.

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