What is a Tactical Pen? [Plus The Best Tactical Pen for You]

This article will convince you to get a tactical pen for your safety and defense, but first, it’ll help you understand what it is and what it does.

Tactical pens can seem intriguing, and they are, in fact, rather practical. While you might not consider the pen an excellent weapon or even a valuable weapon, it is neither.

We’re not talking about the pens you’d use to scribble your grocery list on an old piece of paper. On the other hand, tactical pens almost always function as pens and include a writing point.

Tactical pens are self-defense weapons that you may also use as attacking weapons. There is a forged, hardened, and frequently razor-sharp tip on the side of the pen that will not benefit any writing job.

However, as a tool to defend yourself, you can use this tip to stab, prod, poke, twist, and otherwise hinder anyone who gets in your way. Another upper hand these pens have is that they can shatter glass, which is helpful in the event of a vehicle accident.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you go out and get a tactical pen and go to town on your neighbors for allowing their dog to poo on your yard, but it is a helpful addition to any survival pack.

You can use it for self-defense against aggressive animals and enraged, harmful people. It’s essentially a sharp weapon, similar to a knife, disguised as a pen.

Now that you know what they’re for, let’s look at some of the best tactical pens.

guy demonstrating a tactical pen from the woods

A tactical pen is essential for writing with qualities useful for self-defense. EDC tactical pens usually have a heavier weight than regular pens.

They’re also made of anodized aluminum or aircraft aluminum, steel, or titanium to ensure long-term endurance. This kind of pen’s design included surviving physical contact, such as if you swat an enemy in the head with a tactical pen.

A tactical pen is a Kubotan-like device disguised as a pen for everyday carry and weighs only a few ounces. A typical, low-cost pen is constructed of plastic and has a fragile cap.

A Kubotan tactical pen is composed of military-grade hardened metal. While a Kubotan features finger grips, tactical pens are more subtle and have stiff handles for better grip.

Usually, the writing tool, a ballpoint tip, and cap are on one end of a tactical pen. The pen’s opposite end has a hardened, rounded tip that looks like a Kubotan’s tip.

Top 10 Tactical Pen

1. The Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen

Guy holding up The Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen

At the top of the list is the SWAT tactical pen. It is a combination of a writing pen and a glass breaker. With the aircraft-grade aluminum body and the tungsten glass breaker tip, it writes effectively for the most part and feels very sturdy.

The Atomic Bear model is a good window breaker pen because it can smash a vehicle glass in a single stroke. As a result, this tactical pen may help get you and your family out of a car accident.

Also, it works well as a self-defense weapon, as the tungsten point seems sharp enough to inflict harm on unexpected assailants. Using the cap clip mechanism to switch between the glass breaker and pen appears relatively simple.

In a reverse-grip posture, the pen will fit nicely on your hand. In addition, the cap features a protruded section that permits your thumb to maintain touch.

You’ll enjoy the pen best because of the included 300D nylon pouch, which is unusual in this type of product. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll like to wear the pouch around your waist for quick access. 

Both the bag and the pen are of excellent quality, and it includes additional refill ink and a lifetime warranty.

2. Gerber Gear 31-00188ON Impromptu Tactical Pen

Handheld Gerber Gear 31-00188ON Impromptu Tactical Pen

This Gerber Gear model is another reliable tactical pen with a glass breaker that you can use. When required, the embedded glass breaker point shatters not just automobile windows but also faces.

The glass breaker tip is tempered steel, ensuring that it will readily smash anything. Meanwhile, the entire body is American steel with a Cerakote finish, making it relatively bomb-proof.

This steel barrel pen has a series of incisions on the barrel to improve grip. Because it’s a little thicker than my Pilot G2, it’ll fit right in your hand. This one utilizes a Rite in the Rain ink cartridge, which works in all weather conditions, even rain.

It also appeals to many people since it is a tactical click pen rather than a capped or twist style. As you continuously press the button, the push-button mechanism sounds so pleasant that it drives anyone insane.

Lastly, this military pen’s sturdy stainless steel pocket clip makes it easy to slide into my pocket.

3. TF Takeflight Tactical Pen

TF Takeflight Tactical Pen

This Takeflight design is a military pen that includes a flashlight, bottle opener, and screwdriver, making it ideal for EDC and survival. As a gadget nerd, I like the pen’s flexibility.

This EDC tactical pen contains a spotlight powerful enough to blind an adversary temporarily. During power outages at night, the LED flashlight appears to help navigate in the dark. It’s reassuring that the box includes a backup battery to replace the original when it runs out.

This tactical pen’s glass breaker tip is the best component since it’s more than a single machined tip. Furthermore, the aircraft-grade aluminum has a robust feel to it.

At first sight, the multi-tool components are remarkable, particularly the screwdriver, which will assist me in doing some minor repairs to my electrical equipment.

At dinner gatherings, the bottle opener will come in handy. Takeflight writes as smoothly as a pen too, and having two extra ink refills on hand is an added advantage, making it a dependable pen for work and combat.

4. Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen

Using Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen in writing

Don’t be deceived by Hoffman Richter Stinger’s calm appearance; it may help you get out of tight circumstances.

Because the beveled glass breaker tip can shatter faces and break glass windows when needed, this item is a solid self-defense pen.

The Stinger comes with high-quality aluminum with a titanium coating that is abrasion and corrosion-resistant. 

You’ll appreciate the pen’s slight heaviness when you want to significantly harm your attacker’s skull since it provides a more significant impact. You’ll get decent striking leverage with the screw-on thumb pad.

Also, you particularly like the pen’s tiny grooves on the body since they can assist in having a good grip on it whether you’re writing or using it.

5. Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen

Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen

This Smith & Wesson tactical pen model offers everything you might be looking for in a self-defense pen. It’s long-lasting, comfortable to hold, and stylish.

This pen is sturdy, from the T6061 Aircraft Aluminum alloy to the pocket clip. It’s the ideal size and weight for gaining effective attacking leverage. The point is sharp enough to break a skull if necessary but not so sharp that it tears my pocket.

The pocket clip is so solid that it’ll never leave your pocket, no matter how active you may be. In addition, the pocket clip keeps the pen low in your pocket, making it more concealable than the Smith and Wesson tactical stylus pen variant. 

It’s great that it has a screw-on top, the pen is waterproof, and the cap will not come free.

As a writing tool, this survival tactical pen writes well on paper. Furthermore, your handwriting might look better since the ink glides like butter. The Kubotan-style finger grooves on the shaft provide a comfortable grip when writing, which you’ll surely appreciate.

6. Schrade SCPENBK Screw-Off Tactical Pen

Schrade SCPENBK Screw-Off Tactical Pen on top of a rock

Because it can be a covert self-defense weapon without seeming overly tactical, the SCPENBK is a crowd favorite Schrade tactical pen variant. People enjoy its size of around 5.7 inches long, and it is easy to carry in anyone’s palm.

Thanks to the CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum structure. Also, the pen has a robust feel to it. The pocket clip will not fall out of your jeans pocket and the screw-on cap will give you confidence.

The pen’s tip appears sharp enough to shatter a window and poke someone without leaving any bloody puncture marks. This function is ideal for someone who does not enjoy gory battles. 

The smooth, flat top of the pen is an excellent component since it’ll allow your thumb to get into a good position for exerting any pressure.

SCPENBK is a fantastic pen, especially when filled with a Fisher Space Pen refill. Surprisingly, the ink refill does not move, giving it an even more substantial feel. The weight of this compact tactical pen is roughly 1.4 inches, making it lightweight and pleasant to use for writing.

7. The Atomic Bear Rebel Tactical Pen

tactical pen by the atomic bear rebel company

Rebel is another excellent tactical self-defense pen because of its discreet look. The clip doesn’t have the brand’s branding, so no one will know it’s a self-defense weapon unless you use it to attack.

This pen has a very sturdy design. The pocket clip allows extremely deep carry to keep the pen firmly hidden, and the military-grade metal won’t rust. On one end, you’ll find an excellent tungsten inlay that works well for shattering tempered glass.

Rebel is shorter (5.7 inches) and lighter (1.2 ounces) than the SWAT pen, making it more portable. This glass-breaking pen’s exquisite, glossy sheen sets it apart from other tactical pens. 

It resembles a conventional writing pen, making it undetectable at airports and other detection systems.

You can use this pen right away because it comes with two ink refills. When the ink runs out, it will be simple to replace because it accepts a variety of ink refills, from Parker to Rite in the Rain. 

Because this pen comes with a substantial lifetime warranty, you are sure that you have the best quality for your money’s worth.

8. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

Holding up a CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

Because a former army officer created CRKT, it is highly dependable in combat situations. This pen is both a great writing tool and a self-defense weapon.

Overall, the structure is perfect and solid. The 6061 aluminum appears to be corrosion-resistant and robust enough to withstand occasional clumsiness. When applied at full force, the glass breaking point is powerful enough to shatter glass or pierce someone.

The bead blast finish, which does not reflect light, adds to the stealth of this weapon pen. I like how the anodized aluminum has a non-slip textured feel that gives a firm grip even when your hands get sweaty. 

In addition, the pen’s sleek form makes it appear unthreatening, making it simple to go through airport security.

It also includes a zipped ballistic nylon hard case as a bonus. You can safely store the pen in such a container when on the road. You’ll be pleased to see that the pen comes with a Fisher Space pen refill, neatly written on your note. 

The glass breaking point is powerful enough to shatter glass or pierce someone when applied at full force.

9. KEPEAK Military Tactical Pen

tactical pen used for regular day to day writing

Nothing beats KEPEAK’s tactical pen with six refills for the actual value. The opposite ends provide a decent writing tool and a dependable glass breaking point for self-defense.

At first appearance, the pen appears to be ideal. The diamond design on the aerospace-grade aluminum body gives additional grip. The pen’s hollow clip seems heavy-duty and secure enough to keep it in your pocket.

If the automobile or house catches fire, the glass-breaking tip appears strong enough to smash the glass. A circular hole next to the shattering glass point, I assume, can gather DNA if the cops wish to collect proof. 

This pen can blow away anyone who purchases it as people will receive many benefits at such a small cost.

Also included in this military tactical pen is a retractable pen tip. Lock enabled writing tip is another one of its features, as you can unlock it with a simple twist deal, and the tungsten steel portion is always available. 

You’ll like how easy it is to drive a tungsten point right at an attacker without using any screws.

10. Smith & Wesson SWPENBK Tactical Screw Cap Pen

Smith & Wesson SWPENBK Tactical Screw Cap Pen on top of smooth glossy surface

Smith & Wesson’s SWPENBK is another reliable alternative. This one resembles a tactical fountain pen but with a more elegant appearance.

The pen is made of T6061 Aircraft Aluminum, providing superior strength and lightweight. This model, roughly 5.7 inches, will fit well in your jeans pocket. You’ll like the clip’s placement since it keeps the pen lower in your bag for better concealment.

The point curvature helps break glass or strike potential assailants’ pressure points as a defense weapon. And the glass-breaking tip has the most acceptable defense usage since it is so sharp. 

Furthermore, the build is rather sturdy. Thus, it would most certainly do significant damage if necessary.

Surprisingly, you can start writing almost soon after receiving the pen. You’ll like how the taper and grooves feel on your hands since you can grip the pen securely whether you’re writing or striking. 

You’ll be confident that the cap won’t fly when in use, thanks to the seven threads on the cap screw.

Last Words

The best tactical pen is useful as a writing instrument and for self-defense. 

From this list, the Atomic Bear SWAT Pen comes highly recommended. It’s well-written and powerful enough to shatter windows and crack skulls. The most significant thing is that it comes with a solid nylon storage pouch.

The Gerber Gear Impromptu Pen could be a superb option for the roughest pen. This pen is practically bomb-proof and uses Rite in the Rain ink cartridges, thus making it very handy in any weather condition.

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