Where Do Homeless People Sleep? [What You Need to Know]

Knowing where homeless people sleep can give you a few pointers on shelter and survival in general. Homelessness is a global crisis that is everywhere around the world – people without homes try to survive outside.

So, where do homeless people sleep? Homeless people tend to sleep in places where they can be shielded from harsh weather. They often get under covers like a bridge, abandoned building, behind some trees or buildings, storage units, or tents. There are also other factors they consider when choosing a spot

Let’s dive in.

They sleep away from harsh weather – which means they’re under some sort of building cover or natural cover.

They also either like to pick really populated spots to blend in or somewhere no one can spot you.

The first method is basically using the gray man method. This should never be underestimated because no one will be out and about looking for them. This will keep them safe from other dangerous people.

The second method is simply to hide where no one can find you. This will keep them safe by making sure no dangerous people can get hands on them without looking in awkward locations, like in between some (non-poisonous) bushes.

They will probably want to place themselves in a middle class location, away from desperate poor people.

What Are Other Locations They Sleep?

Other than the places mentioned above, the homeless also sleep in these places:

  • Hospitals – Hospital waiting rooms are a great option if they don’t smell or look bad. 
  • A car or van – If they have a car available, then they can use this as your personal shelter, and no one will bother you. A van is even better because you’ll get more room.
  • Back of the bus – This does cost some money, but often it’s just a few dollars for an entire day on the bus. A lot safer than the streets.
  • In a train – Train carriages are a great source of shelter.
  • Shopping centers – Some homeless people will use the shopping center facilities during the day and behind the store at night.
  • Libraries – If they don’t look or smell too bad, this is a good option for shelter.
  • Tents – Most homeless people choose this; this is a good option if them don’t mind being around other homeless people. This can be long-term, and they won’t be noticed.

When Do Homeless People Sleep?

Some homeless people decide to sleep during the day, especially women, so they can be alert at night. At night, things can get dangerous because it’s outside.

The only cases where homeless people might sleep at night is if they’re in a group that can lookout for dangers.

Why Do Homeless People Sleep Where They Sleep?

Homeless people need to choose a good, secure place to sleep because of the survival rule of 3. That is, 3 minutes without air, 3 hours in harsh weather, three days without water, and 30 days without food will kill you. 

Now, in case of an extreme heatwave, hurricanes, thunderstorms, or any other extreme weather, they will need a place to stay and shelter them from these elements.

By the way, if you want to learn how to build a DIY storm shelter, click there.

If they sleep out and about, they could get killed by another person, killed by the weather, or a variety of other things. If you want to learn more about urban survival skills, you can click there.

Last Words

Where do homeless people sleep? Homeless people sleep where it’s the safest for them – that means not getting hurt by another person or by the weather.

These include a variety of places, like abandoned buildings, under bridges, and more. They must also consider how populated the location is – if it’s very populated, they can blend in, if it’s not too populated, maybe they need to hide.

We hope you found this article helpful and happy prepping!

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