Why Does Salt Make Candles Burn Longer?

There are many ways to make candles burn longer. In this article, I will go in-depth on why does salt make candles burn longer.

Making candles last longer can be very advantageous if you are short on candles, or take a safer approach when using your supplies.

I was just recently watching a “who done it” movie, and during an episode, there were bits of salt lying around with a candle that had been burning for hours. So, I wondered how can this be, so I tested it out for myself and did my research.

In many cases putting salt on candles can make it last six hours more, depending on the amount of wax and type of candle. 

So now, the big question is, why does salt make candles burn longer, and how does salt make candles burn longer?

Let’s dive right in.

Why Does Salt Make Candles Burn Longer

Salt will slow down the melting rate of the wax in the candle and increase the candle burn time. The longer the candle wax stays solid, the longer the candle will burn. Salt will slow down the boiling process of water and does a similar process for the candle wax inside the candle.

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Problems With Solutions

In a survival situation, such as an extended power outage, having a candle burning longer will help you a ton. I tested this out for myself, and my candle flame did burn longer. The flame burned smoothly and didn’t dim once I figured out something.

There was one tiny problem I went into while testing this. For my experiment, I took two tea candles and put salt directly on one. The salted candle didn’t lite, and when it did, it was very dim. 

So, the solution to this was not putting too much salt and clearing the candle wick area. After that, it worked like a charm and burned for sixteen hours and nineteen minutes. 

Now, how did I actually apply the salt? I got 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt for my small tea candle – your candle may be larger, requiring larger amounts of salt. Next, spread the salt around in the candle wax, and you’re all set! Melted wax will now be less of a concern for you.

When I did this experiment, I used iodized salt; if you use a different kind of salt, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Final Words

In conclusion, salt makes candles burn almost twice its original lifespan. This can be very useful in the future because now you know that all you have to do to maintain light on a candle is to sprinkle a little salt on it.

I hope you found your answer in this article and if you liked the content, and I hope you found your answer to why does salt make candles burn longer. 

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