Why You Should Become a Prepper

In this article, I will go over rational reasons why you should become a prepper.

Preppers have gotten a terrible rap throughout the years. The mainstream media has done a terrible injustice to folks who are only trying to protect the people they love from the severe threats that exist out there.

They portray them as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists waiting for the end of the world.

If you’ve given up on prepping or believe it’s only for those preparing for the end of the world, you should think about these genuine reasons.

Let’s dig in.

Before I go into the various reasons, I would like to clarify what preppers actually stand for. Real preppers. Not doomsday preppers.

Real preppers are people who prepare to be self-reliant and self-sufficient or without substantial assistance from outside resources (i.e., government, police, etc.)

Preppers simply prepare for potential hardships that may come your way. This includes job loss, family hardship, extreme weather, or civic instability, all very real.

Preppers master financial independence, food preservation, gardening, food and water storage, and other self-sufficiency skills to help them get through difficult times.

1. Financial Disturbances

The first and most real reason for most is financial disturbances. Losing your job, having medical bills, massive debt, and external influences like the world’s volatile economy.

These are all things that should be a priority to most people. You should be prepared to lose your job or have unexpected payments with emergency funds, you should pay off your debt, and you should be prepared for a recession or depression, as they do happen often.

The U.S. debt is peaking at 30 trillion, and the current inflation isn’t doing us any favors.

You can learn more about financial preparedness here: Prepper’s Financial Guide (Everything You Must Know)

2. Natural Disasters


You are vulnerable to at least one form of a natural disaster hitting your area no matter where you live in the world. You will have to deal with the consequences of one of these catastrophes at some point, from wildfires and flooding to earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Preparing for a natural disaster is harder than financial preparation, but when the time comes, and it may, you will thank yourself.

Learn how to survive a tornado, hurricane, flood, and earthquake. And be sure to download our preparedness checklist to prepare for natural disasters further!

3. Manmade Disasters

Manmade disasters can range from house fires to war to nuclear power plant emergencies and everything in between. 

These can be accidents or on purpose. It’s best to prepare for what you think has a chance of becoming a reality. Some prepare for everything, so some prepare for little to no manmade disasters.

Learn how to survive without electricity and fire survival tips.

4. Criminal Acts

Burglar robbing an easy house

In 2019, the latest estimate is over 1.2 million violent crimes every year and over 7 million property crimes. Dealing with possible criminal attacks through state-of-the-art home security and personal self-defense is the best course of action you can take.

Depending on the police will not get you anywhere. Police take on average 10 minutes to arrive, and most do violent crimes or property crimes in seconds.

Learn SHTF home security and self-defense tips.

5. Civil Unrest

We have all seen it. Riots can break out in a snap. Entire cities can go to flames with just a regular protest getting out of hand.

This will overwhelm the police, and in a time of chaos like this, it’s almost a free-for-all. Looting, arson, murder, and more are extremely common in times like this.

In a situation like this, you would want to prepare to stay in your home for an extended period of time and have decent home security. You can do this with food storage, water storage, and more. 

And if the situation gets out of hand, there’s always the option to leave with your bugout bag.

Here are riot survival tips and survival foods list.

6. Pandemic

Pandemics have all hit us. COVID-19 hit us hard, and if there were to be another virus like this, perhaps one that’s more deadly, then you would simply have to stay in your home and prepare masks, gloves, and more when you do go outside.

7. Cyber Attacks

cybersecurity attacks

Having tight cybersecurity is needed more than ever. In 2020, over 155.8 million people were affected by data exposure, from your email to your social security number. There are over 2,200 attacks every day.

Here are basic cybersecurity tips.

8. Give Others a Hand

In a time of crisis, there are going to be desperate people. So, giving a hand to some may be what you want to do.

It has its ups and downs but helping someone out is an amazing way to strengthen potential future relationships.

9. Increased Quality of Life

Just having that extra sense of security is worth all that time and effort to some. Having peace of mind is great.

For some, actually proceeding with the prepper lifestyle is simply amazing. Because with the prepper lifestyle, you typically garden, stay fit, spend more time outdoors, and of course, prepare for whatever this world has to throw at you.


People frequently associate prepping with people preparing for an end-of-the-world catastrophe or a Hollywood apocalypse scenario.

However, the truth about preparation is that it isn’t about preparing for some statistical abnormality, but rather for the real-life obstacles that we will all encounter at some point in our lives, the kinds of scenarios that will feel like the end of the world if you aren’t prepared.

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  1. I’d like to believe that the whole Covid event has convinced a few more individuals of the need to be prepared. People tended gardens to the point that canning materials were in short supply. As more individuals began to raise chickens, newborn chicks became scarce. It would be good if these new preparation believers would stay with it and not revert to the old just-in-time mentality. There are still many things that may go wrong. They don’t have to be weird to be a considerable problem in the pantry. I hope your blog reaches more preppers while there’s still time to prepare.


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