Home Security Tips For After SHTF (6 Surprising Tips Now)

I promise that you will learn how to be more prepared with these home security tips by the end of this article.

Your home should be as hard as possible to enter, with multiple security layers that are hard to get around. 

Let’s face it, the world is already a dangerous place, and with over 1% of all Americans getting burglarized every year(according to 2021 burglary statistics) is terrifying. Home security is more important than ever!

However, when Shit Hits The Fan, and food and water runs out, and this country collapses, every single person you meet is a potential threat, so home security is essential. 

You can expect America’s crime rate to be similar to Venezuela or other undeveloped countries, where the crime rate is off the charts insane.

When the time comes, we have to be able to enforce our own security.

Unless your home is completely secured in a fortified castle, you will have to make adjustments and enhancements to ensure maximum security.

Before we start, why should you listen to me? I am an expert in home security and have been studying home security case studies and cybersecurity case studies for years now to bring you the most relevant home security tips in this article.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this article and cover 15 simple home security tips for after SHFT.

1. Reinforce Everything

home security tips after shft reinforce everything

Your first home security tip, without a doubt, is to reinforce your fence(which you should have), doors, and windows.

First, you must secure the fence. It would be best if you had a fence, and the fence must be above seven feet high. This will serve as a significant deterrent, which decreases your likelihood of getting burglarized or worse.

You should charge wooden posts to steel posts, wooden slats covered with corrugated tin, and steel fence spikes/bird spikes, or sharp barb wires at the top(you can find fence spikes here on Amazon). 

You should check your cities fencing regulations to ensure that you aren’t breaking any of them.

Secondly, you have to reinforce your doors for maximum home security after SHFT. You will be surprised at the number of people who use the front or back door when entering your home illegally. 

In fact, according to 2021 burglary statistics, 34% use the front door, and 22% using the back door. That is exactly why this should be one of your top priorities.

You have to insert deadbolts or replace old deadbolts(you can find deadbolts here on Amazon for the lowest price).

Then, replace your lockset door strike plate with an electronic door strike plate, install metal frames, add a steel conduit, and perhaps a few more enhancements for your front and back door(s).

Finally, get reinforced windows. 25% of burglars use your windows to break in. 23% use the first-floor windows, and 2% use the second-floor windows.

You have to (optional) replace your window with laminated safety glass, get window grills(which you can find here on Amazon), and get professional-grade window locks(which you can find here on Amazon).

The doors and windows should prevent over 80% of burglars, and the fencing should deter burglars looking for an easy house to pick on.

Now, for the most important part. You should be keeping your fence locked when you aren’t entering or leaving, keeping your doors locked if you aren’t entering or leaving your house at that moment, and locking your windows for all the security to take effect.

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2. Putting A Security Sign

home security sign home security tip

A simple home security tip is to put security signs, which is the 9th most considered security sign, burglars commonly look for. This makes sense because property invaders want the least trouble possible.

Having a security sign will actually deter 54% (as an estimation), according to a study conducted by us (here is a cheap pack of four signs).

This may rest assure some of you, but you may be thinking about the other 40%. The additional 40% is usually the impulsive type that just breaks in without any deliberate planning in advance.

This will not stop them, and the chances are that if you don’t have a real security system or reinforced fences, doors, and windows, you will get your home invaded. 

So, if you have a security sign, it is always best to actually have a security system with that.

The 40% could also include those who spotted the fake security sign, which is easy. They could just do a Google search and find out right there(which most deliberate planning burglars do.)

Putting a security sign is a great deterrent(and is better than nothing), but a security system to go with that is much more secure. 

3. Get Lights

outdoor lighting home security tip

Outdoor light definitely ensures less crime at night. More crime happens in the day(so you shouldn’t slack off security during the day), but it close to a 50/50 split, so night security is still essential.

You should have two types of light, a light that is automatically at a set time and motion sensor lights that will deter most burglars and may make them reconsider attempting to break into your fortress (here is a great motion sensor and automatic light for cheap).

Of course, having flashy outdoor lights by itself may get rid of most of your problems, you still have to consider the minority. They will be looking out for cameras, and if you don’t have a home security system with cameras, that minority will do their best to break in.

While outdoor lights are an obvious choice, considering their massive benefits, indoor lights can make your life easier and eliminate the majority of that minority I discussed above.

Burglars don’t want to be noticed, and if they figure out that they just triggered indoor sensors, they probably won’t risk it, or at least steel whatever they can at right that moment(which is why you shouldn’t have valuables at entries or near windows).

If you don’t like sensory lights, another alternative is leaving a couple of lights near windows on.

4. Hide Your Valuables

This is a no brainer. Valuables, especially near windows, are a serious attractant and will encourage any desperate burglar to break in at any cost because they already have an incentive.

Apart from that, you should definitely not brag about getting expensive new gadgets online, maybe with a close friend group and trusted family that can keep secrets, but probably not anyone else.

It would be best if you had either windowless garage doors or garage doors with one-way glass to prevent any peeking for your new flashy car or motorcycle. 

You should also get a one-sided window privacy film so no one can see inside, but you can see outside(here is a great pick).

Another topic in this section is the packages. Bring those packages in right away because package theft is one of the most effortless property crimes to do, and if it’s easy, that means a lot of people will do it. 

This is also another reason to get a proper fence because that could be one of the only barriers.

5. Don't Forget About Security System

home security system home security tip

According to Reolink, 1/3 of homes without a security system will get burglarized and invaded, while 1/250 with home security will not. 

If you don’t already have basic home security, like a home security system that should come with cameras, motion sensor lights, and alarms, you should get one.

Security cameras should catch all the footage and should have sensor lights and alarms to scare the burglar away.

Security systems often come with fire detectors as well, which could reduce the fire damage. Every 20 seconds, there is a house fire that is reported.

This will also make your home much more secure when on vacation. This can give you peace of mind. 

To add on, this will lower homeowners’ insurance premiums, increase your house value, and ensure you are more secure(here is Amazon’s top pick).

6. Start Landscaping

This home security tip is more important than it sounds. Any burglar looking for an easy hit, faced with these obstacles, most likely won’t risk it. Even determined planners will give it a second thought.

You want to have minimal hiding spots on your property, and plants are great for hiding. You should consider having short plants that a home invader can’t hide behind.

You also should consider sharp plants around your house for anyone trying to find an easy way in, and having something like a few blackberry bushes will add some deliciousness and security to your home. 

So, when a home invader tries to break in, you should at least give them a mark to make sure they don’t mess with you again.

Talking about landscaping, keep your lawn mowed even when you aren’t home(by hiring someone) because long grass is a major indication for no one home.

Additional Home Security Tip: Get a Gun

This has a bit of controversy, so it’s understandable if you don’t want/have one.

No matter how much security you have, there is always someone who is extremely prepared and determined to break into your house to commit a gruesome burglary, rape, assault, murder, kidnapping, or a combination.

Having a gun as a backup could make your family safe inside and out of your property.

Depending on your state, you may have the right to kill your property invader if he/she has the intention of causing harm to you or your loved ones.

You can also do the same outside your property. In fact, guns are 80 times more likely to prevent harm than to cause harm. You should also have a small and easily accessible gun safe, like this, as an amazing choice to maintain top-notch security)


In this article, you learned some home security tips for after SHFT, so you can keep your family safe no matter what happens.

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Now, I’d like to hear from you:

What was your favorite tip?

Or maybe you would like to argue why a tip doesn’t work.

Either way, I’d like to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

1 thought on “Home Security Tips For After SHTF (6 Surprising Tips Now)”

  1. Having a dog is a huge deterrent for most thieves. It doesn’t even need to be a big/mean dog but those traits can provide additional deterrence.
    Getting to know your neighbors can be a great to keep everyone safer. Even simply introducing yourself can suffice.
    A gun is more dangerous than most people are willing to be properly trained to use. You need to take it to the range and practice regularly or you’re more likely to be shot with your own gun than to thwart a home invasion. Ammo and range time are a lot more expensive than a lot of people realize. And taking a life is a lot more traumatic than in movies/video games.


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